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Water (Fanfic: Eddie/Mia)

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My first Eddie/Mia fic. Hope it wasn't too bad.
Michelle Lowell (nee Hart)

Michelle (Ashley Greene) is River's younger sister who River believed died years ago in Vermont. Michelle was saved by Ben who took care of her and later on married her and had a kid with her. She now lives in Upperville and joined the pack there which is coincidentally Conor's former pack. She works as a librarian and studying in college. River later gets in touch with her

Benjamin Lowell

Ben (Max Irons) is River's ex-boyfriend and Michelle's husband. He saved Michelle from the attack in Vermont and brought her to Virgina where they joined the wolf pack there. He later married her and had a child, Audrey Erin, who's named after his mother and Michelle's. He plans to go to medical school to become a doctor.

Audrey Lowell

Audrey (Brooklyn Proux) is the three year old daughter of Ben and Michelle and the niece of River. She lives with her parents in Upperville and is now in kindergarden. She is very artistic and bubbly. Her first markers for lycanthropy are already starting to show much to her parents' pride but is starting to exhibit the equivalent of 'werewolf cancer'.

Jodie Avis

Jodie (Teresa Palmer) is River's former pack mate. She and River didn't get along very well but nonetheless the two are happy to see each other alive and well. She lives in Upperville and has joined the pack there. Even though she is eligible for mating, she refuses to take anyone except her real mate.

Asher Vander Wel

Asher (Sebastian Stan) is Conor's first cousin and the future Alpha of the Upperville werewolf pack. He and Conor have an ongoing rivalry. He hosts the underground werewolf fight ring without the knowledge of the elder wolves. His mate is Sabina Landeau.

Sabina Landeau

Sabina (Jessica Lowndes) is Asher's mate and the future female Alpha of the Upperville wolf pack. She is very supportive of her mate, regardless whether or not he is right or wrong.

Elicia 'Ellie' Vander Wel

Ellie (Freya Mavor) was Asher's younger sister who was afflicted with 'werewolf cancer' went rogue and started killing people. She was executed for her crimes.

Seph is happy because...

So I've been watching Nikita lately, mostly for the amazing Lyndsey Fonseca and also because Thalex is bloody the most epic thing in the world...except for his death scene but that  inspired tears in me.

But anyway, so I was re-watching those Thalex scenes again when I realized that the actor who played Thom, Ashton Holmes, would make a perfect Mason Ashford (Vampire Academy). They have similar features, Ashton's character was a lot like Mason too and they both had death scenes that broke my heart

So really...Mason = Ashton Holmes.

Lorien Nine

Number One - Will Hutcherson (Tom Sturridge)

Number Two - Lizzie Sinclair (Emma Watson)

Number Three - Robbie Bickers (Logan Lerman)

Number Four - John Smith (Alex Pettyfer)

Number Five - Alice Jones (Ellen Page)

Number Six - Jane Doe (Teresa Palmer)

Number Seven - Asher Colburn (Max Thieriot)

Number Eight - Darren Huntley (Louis Cordice)

Number Nine - Sophia Brown (Juno Temple)

Miseria Cantare OCs

OCs for my next Forwood fic, Miseria Cantare. Follows a storyline where Caroline is given the witch storyline instead of Bonnie. Caroline Forbes is descended from a powerful French witch who before being burned at the stake, promised revenge on the man who she loved and betrayed her with the coming of age of her heir - Caroline.

Lady Marguerite Prideux

Marguerite (Kristin Kreuk) comes from a French noble family that practices the Dark Arts. Hoping to escape prosecution in Europe, she meets and befriends the enigmatic Katherine Pierce, not knowing that this would ultimately lead to her downfall. Vowing revenge, she dies laughing and has not been heard of for years...until now.

Cole Chevalier

Cole (Shiloh Fernandez) is the new warlock in town and develops an interest in the town's prettiest witch - Caroline Forbes. Mysterious and enigmatic, what secret does this handsome older stranger hide behind that cocky smile? Tyler Lockwood is determined to find out.

Valerie MacIntyre

Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is Liz Forbes' younger, prettier and definitely weirder sister who Caroline adores. Also a witch, she acts as a mentor to Caroline as the young witch develops into her magic. She went to school with Jenna Sommers and Mason Lockwood who she also dated before he left town.

Meredith Chevalier

Meredith (Odette Yustman) is Cole's confident and aloof twin sister who has a few secrets of her own. Taking an interest in the town's lone wolf, Tyler Lockwood, Caroline must decide whether she is a friend or foe. Loosely based on and named after the character Meredith Sulez from the Vampire Diaries books.

Gideon 'Gad' Winston

Gad (Kristopher Turner) is Cole's best friend who travels with them after the death of his grandparents who raised him. Also a warlock, his academic dedication has somehow made him into a warlock encyclopedia. Cole points out that Gad merely 'studies' magic and rarely practices it.


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